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Corporate Treasury Services

The recent global financial crisis has emphasized the importance of core treasury activities in organizations such as cash management, liquidity management, funding, and financial risk management. During periods of market volatility and uncertainties, these activities are critical to ensure an organization is secured as going concern. Aside these day-to-day challenges, the corporate treasury function is expected to contribute to shareholder value with strategies of mitigating the financial risk faced by their organizations on daily basis. Treasurers need to consider how to leverage their existing resources to optimize their operation in steering toward company goals and expectations. 

This is how Camex Treasury can help:

Our focus is to streamline the complex treasury processes within your organization through digitization. We transform the treasury function of corporates by bringing both automation and full global cash visibility to our clients. We believe once we can achieve this, our treasury leaders can focus more on value creation strategies to maximize shareholder wealth.

Main areas of focus:

· Treasury Department setup ( Formulation of policies and Implementation of controls)

· Treasury Function Review and Benchmarking

· Treasury System Selection and Implementation


Treasury Department Setup Consulting

Camex Treasury’s consultants have extensive experience in assisting organizations of all size in developing successful treasury departments. Our treasury consultants are experts pertaining to treasury best practices and will assist your organization in the formation and implementation of:

  • A centralised or Decentralised treasury function
  • Treasury Department Scope of Operations
  • Treasury Personnel Professional Development
  • Treasury Hierarchy Development
  • Treasury Technology Evaluation
  • Treasury Policy Development
  • Treasury Procedure Development
  • Treasury Internal Control Development

A critical step in developing a secure and efficient treasury department is to have a detailed understanding of current treasury best practices and internal controls.. This requires collaboration efforts with key business stakeholders in pertinent departments such as Finance and Accounting, Internal Audit, Legal, IT, operations to ensure the development of your organization's new treasury department is an overwhelming success! Camex Treasury’s consultants will ensure this happens immediately we are mandated by our clients. 


Treasury Review & Benchmarking Consulting


CFO’s and Treasurers realize the true value of having a review of treasury and cash management operations by independent treasury advisors. Camex Treasury’s consulting service provides a detailed assessment of your organisation's current treasury operations benchmarked against industry best practices. Below are processes we look at in a treasury operations review sessions:

  • Bank Relationships
  • Bank Account management
  • Cash management Structures
  • Cash Pooling
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Cash Positioning
  • Cash Forecasting
  • Electronic Fund Transfers
  • Internal Control Structures
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Risk Management
  • Treasury Personnel
  • Treasury Technology
  • And much more

Upon completion of  a treasury review session, Camex Treasury will deliver a comprehensive report which, if needed, will suggest treasury best practice enhancements. 

If required by request, Camex Treasury will provide a free 2-month treasury review follow up session. The purpose of this follow up session is to review our best practices recommendations and, if necessary, provide further guidance pertaining to their implementation.



Treasury System Implementation Consulting

Treasury Workstation Selection & RFP Consulting

Selecting a treasury management system for an organisation’s treasury function can be a daunting task. Every treasury system has different operational strengths, platform technologies, internal control functionality, pricing structures, etc. Avoid the common pitfalls related to treasury implementation projects by engaging Camex Treasury to assist your treasury department. Our Treasury management solution experts have the expertise and experience to assist your organization in selecting and implementing an industry leading solutions that meets or exceeds your treasury management requirements.

Camex Treasury will assist your treasury department in procuring the optimal treasury workstation due to our tremendous amount of experience in creating, distributing, evaluating and scoring treasury technology RFPs.

Our treasury consultants will help create a customized treasury workstation RFP which addresses your organizational requirements. When creating your treasury workstation RFP, Camex will leverage our internal TMS RFP Database. This database of treasury workstation questions will not only help ensure your organization issue a comprehensive RFP, but it will also help make the entire RFP process more efficient! Our solution consultants will ensure all technology vendors are compared on a fair manner after an RFP have been completed.

Systems Implementation

Camex Treasury is an industry leader in Treasury management system consulting. For each treasury workstation project, our consultants will customize a treasury workstation project plan to help ensure your project's success. Our consultants have the experience and intellectual capability  to assist your organization with every aspect of your Treasury system implementation.

Camex Treasury through it's parent company NA Jones has achieved success in Kyriba’s Platinum Certification programme. This means our consultants are fully qualified and have expertise in one of the industry’s leading solution for corporate. Our consultant’s areas of expertise are cash management, Payments, cash Accounting, Deal Capture and Risk management.  Our Consultants not only are experts on kyriba but can also successfully implement other systems, for example Sungard's AvantGuard etc..

Please feel free to Contact us for a customized, no-obligation Treasury systems consulting estimate which will include a detailed project description, our systems recommendations and references.


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